Tandem NYC

Projects + Work Portfolio

The following are samples of work and collaborations created under the  direction of the Tandem NYC team. This portfolio of work includes website design, branding, and visual identities created for a variety of clients from small businesses to large corporation.  

Title: Graphic Designer + Project Manager



Menu + Visual Design

Emblem+BK-20 copy.jpg

The menu was inspired by the neighborhood of Williamsburg. The design takes on classic undertones, with a twist of clean and contemporary stylistic accents.

Using a classic serif typeface, our team created a menu that was easy to navigate, while organically guiding patrons to the essential items. The boldness and roundness of the body copy give an energetic and active impression that resonates with the sports bar.


Iconography & Menu Systems


Capitol Crossing will be one of the most talked about real estate property company in DC in the upcoming years. Infographics are a big part of being able to translate the importance of Capitol Crossing.

On their website, we looked to create interactive icons that displayed the new statistics Capitol Crossing would bring to the area. The icons are based on the brand’s typography & color palette. The icons are custom made and created to fit the brand style.



While adding a beautiful website to the mix, we were also tasked to create a hoarding signage for outside of the construction site. Again using brand’s typography & color palette. The first singage is a different route to the campaign but still speaks on the brand, and the second keeps it classy with a DC flare. 


Capitol Crossing

Marketing Campaign  

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.49.51 PM.png

Capitol Crossing is an upcoming real estate property run by Property Group Partners formerly known as the Louis Dreyfus Property Group. 

With over forty years of experience building premier properties and luxury landmarks Property Group Partners is in their prime years of real estate. Tandem NYC has been working closely with Property Group Partners to create and strategize marketing campaigns for many of their properties. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.37.21 PM.png

The Lighting Design Group

Website Design

The team was tasked to create a simple yet captivating website displaying some of the client’s best lighting work.

Steve Brill, founder of the Lighting Design Group, wanted a website that had a strong visual impact upon opening thanks to huge imagery. In response, we created a visually enticing website that both uses imagery as its background and as its focal point. The result is a flowing transition of beautiful images in a simple and clean design.


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 1.21.43 PM.png